HELLHOUND PUBLISHING rose from the ashes of CODY POPE founded record collective, Vatican Life Music Group (2010-2018), which also included, 8-BZA, Mertz, Nicolette Ryan, & more. Based in Cody's hometown of Nashua, NH, affectionately known as the "Gate City", Vatican Life  was able to help create and distribute a slew of powerful independent releases from artists primarily from New England's burgeoning hip hop scene, where Cody and his comrades were able to carve out their own idea of Raw American Hip Hop

Storming past the eight year mark, it began to become clear that our artistic output was much more expanded and focused than to just be putting out music. As Cody was in between tours and records, he started writing a script for his first show, and once that came together, he was inspired to continue writing... more scripts, poetry, freeverse, music, novels, anything really. We knew at this point that the "Music Group" was going to be our gate into the next progression of this lifestyle we've crafted.

That next progression would be HELLHOUND PUBLISHING. "Hellhound" being a nod to the first record we released on Vatican Life, Cody Pope's, "Hellhound For Hire" debut mixtape, and "Hellhound" also representing our never ending hunger and desire to make art that connects with people like us, and to continue carving out a place for like minded and similarly driven creatives to release their most raw, unfiltered, soulful, painful, healing works. 

We are now in the beginning of our next transgression, and so far the blooming feels beautiful. The beginning of Hellhound Publishing, will continue to carry on the Vatican Life message of "PRAY TO YOUR ART", as well as always turning the sweat, pain, tears, aches, lack of sleep, lack of love, stress, and uncontrollable emotions, into the most beautiful gift to the alike.