New Hampshire based Hip Hop recording artist, Cody Pope, has been developing his unique and raw storytelling delivery, and cultivating his passionate following across the world for the last decade. A former instrumentalist in punk, hardcore, and metal bands, since the age of 15, Pope has spent more than the latter half of his life now, traveling around the country and performing his deeply personal catalog of music in which he can use the platform of being a musician to speak with others who may be suffering the struggles of regular living whether it be the stress of obligation, the pain of addiction, the torment of time, and more. 

Releasing his first solo work in 2012, the highly praised mixtape effort, “Hellhound For Hire”, he followed that with numerous mixtapes, EP’s, and highly acclaimed albums including “Every Blessing Has Its Price”, (2014) “Empathy & Emptiness For Those in Empty Nests”, (2017) “Not Having A Good Day”, (2018) and “The Howling Man”. (2021) Pope’s rigorous performing schedule has brought him to stages across North America, including in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and more.


After a multiple year hiatus, highly praised New Hampshire artist/musician, Cody Pope, made his triumphant return in 2021 to both recording and performing, with his highly acclaimed album, “The Howling Man”, and a corresponding run of shows throughout New England. Armed with another full length album on the way, as well as numerous projects forthcoming, Cody Pope is planning to storm the stage once again and bring his newly crafted Raw American Hip Hop experience to a city near you! 

Spread across multiple runs throughout the year, catch the “Hellhound For Hire”, Cody Pope, blazing a trail across North America and beyond, to leave pieces of himself on the stage, with the audience, and on whatever documentation of existence remains after the fact. Some of the locations on this run will have been long awaiting the return, and even more will be anticipating their long sought after dosage of raw  rap, honest storytelling, and heartful experience.



Cody Pope is a rapper from New Hampshire who has built himself a cult following through hard work and honest music.” - Justin Boland

Turns out, Cody Pope has serious gravity and serious talent. In fact, I was so distracted by his catalog I almost didn’t finish this interview in time. Every project he makes has an urgent purpose, every song he releases is honed carefully.” - Justin Boland