From the recording Meet Me in Gate City

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don’t talk to me bout a rapper with no book of flames
don’t look away, I’ll burn the bridge with one book of flames
shook with shame, took a look and played a crooked game
Hooks are sang, but the words ya say don’t mean a thang

you own ya masters? cause nobody wants trash
Don’t flaunt that, means a label won’t call back
Do something of magnitude before flexing attitude
Say you don’t give a fuck until people are mad at you

“Only Positive Vibes” okay you fuckin opportunist
Surround yourself with toxic people just to push ya music
Integrity and Sacrifice means honor before success
Can’t be neutral when people lying to the press

Here to remind minds that rappers are fuckin actors too
What’s this mans intention with all the questions he asking you?
Some clearly wanna run til they fall face first
Instead of going the slow climb and setting a pace first


What taste worst? The bitter pill of friends becoming foes?
Or someone who plans to use against you what they know?
All one in the same, All one in the equal
We both can’t live, you gotta die before the sequel

Art gave me life, taking yours is not a problem
Heart plunged with a knife before they say they got em
This shit that I do, take every penny and breath
So know that I have no fear, as I’m already friends with death

Why so serious? Cause life so hard
Somehow a lot of these frauds still left me scarred
Trusted in people who wouldn’t give me a crumb to live
Having to navigate humanity, another reason it’s dumb to live

Still swinging, still fighting, not sure why trying
Y’all tough on song, Facebook all crying
Bitchmade, probably sell ya girl out for views
I'm the worlds nightmare, nobody dream of you