1. Eyes Wide Open

From the recording Meet Me in Gate City

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Travel through the Twilight Zone, now I write home
People are alike all over, now I fight
Never Obsolete, keep Howling at the moon
No longer the nervous man in a four dollar room

Life’s more than a game of pool, shame if you play the fool
Chase integrity and practice keeping ya cool
Our town, a colony of soft lights and fresh bones
Sleepless fire walkers, grotesque pushers, call this home

Eating Naked Lunch, my typewriter bugging crazy
Choking on roaches bout to inhale the lighter maybe
I get shivers while I’m staring at the
Stuck in scanners of existenz til I make it home

Roam, like a Ronin, find tribesmen, to forge the future with
Life like a wound dude, all you can do is start to suture it
Who Watches The Watchmen? Who Watches The White House?
Any human in my space? I’m knocking the lights out


Eyes wide open to everything all around me
Things moving in traffic and on the wall astound me
Don’t know why I seek meaning or more profound
Just seeking reasons to why all of this goes down


Jumping the line, fuck speaking to the manager
Kick in the door bear witness to the damager
Tried to be patient but waiting aint in my character
When you got goals people around you just stare at ya

Look at the martian, not content with what we all got
Just see my time different even though we all rot
Don’t take advice from people without their own spot
Tell you how to grow ya weed, without their own crop

Taking risks is what you do to see another way
Even if you might not make it to another day
Take the piss outta your dreams is what they like to do
Since they don’t have any courage they be spiting you

Not victim to standards already set in place
Soon as lights start flashing, I say let ‘em chase
Soon as the engine hums, I say let ‘em race
I am the obstacle your God said let ‘em face