1. Petey Esdee

From the recording Meet Me in Gate City

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I knew this cat, Petey Esdee, he was always testy
The type to have a few drinks, say come and test me
Petey would never ever dare to be bested
Even if it means his ass got arrested

Always stressing, hard to understand why
Ya man will even let the hands fly on a damn fly
One of the few whom y’all never seen the man cry
Whatever you plan to do, he’s probably Anti

Cynical Comedian at everyone’s expense
Funny til it’s on you, you probably on the fence
Willing to make tears so large they don’t mend
Opinions so strong, my god, they don’t bend

Nobody’s asking, nobody know how he doing
Looks like he’s winning but really inside he losing
Maybe not the race, but the destiny that’s looming
A type of Hell, most certain to drag you in
Man I can’t stand the Man I see in the Mirror
A Man That Demands Way More and Way Clearer
They say Life is Beauty but some days I fear her
Less fear of Death even if she be nearer
It hurts him to hate, and fail this hard
It’s worth it to wait, they want him to stall
Don’t feel like he’s making it to next Fall
“I can’t take it, can’t fake it at all”

Debt damage American prosperity
Doesn’t say that only to talk scarily
Life is not a dream, merrily merrily
These days honest is something that some will dare to be

Trying to write to those who may relate
But if you feel this feeling I hope you find real escape
“Not supposed to use I, as much as I do
But when I was stuck on H, didn’t want to die dude

Life will get better feels like another lie too
I don’t want to live in a world where I get lied to
Don’t want to misconstrue you, as on my side dude
Just awaiting the time to say Goodbye dude”