1. The Realness

From the recording Meet Me in Gate City

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My life is Baroness and Coltrane mixed in a blender
Most days are complicated, beautiful if I remember
Lately though I hate me, I can’t take no more November’s
My best days was a night or two I had a bender

Thought I was moving on up like Mr. Jefferson
Yet I’m a loser who just waiting for a check again
Checking In? Having hard times lately texting friends
Got money coming but so broke I needed second ends

My fam want sunny days and happy songs
I can’t relate, frankly the reason that I’m laughing wrong
Though I got skill, know I be lapping y’all
Just need a path that I can successfully travel on

Babylon calling or maybe existence burning up
I feel bad more of my jams ain’t got you turning up
Wish when I had shows more of you was turning up
But life goes on and hopefully we all just learn enough


Rah rah rah the rap man yell
Boom Boom Boom the Bap so felt
My rawness should not deter you from the realness
That’s why it’s raw cause you gotta truly feel this


To understand man is to crack the algorithm
Pieces I can formulate but better giving rhythm
Hard to give the answers, start em off with the mission
To answer life is like an endless acquisition

Life be dishing me things my stomach can’t handle
No money for no family, no pictures on no mantle
Matter of fact my life feel pretty dismantled
I take the blame for some things, money mishandled

A lot of this just feel a little circumstantial
Wondering how long I’ll live with hurt financials
Ask for Pepperoni they just give you Anchovies
Can’t stand bologna from no damn homies

Fingers to my head in the shape of a gun
Enough Vitamin D? I’ll take the sun and run
Want to be a good enough man to raise a son
But I’m worried I’ll be a failure if I can’t raise the funds

I’m done