From the recording Meet Me in Gate City

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Same feet, same street, progress more emotional
But being healthier than yesterday don't float the bill
Being more sensitive doesn't mean I'm meant to live
I can't repent because I'm not sure what I'm meant to give

I bent the sieve, I lent and fibbed, character men, no kid
Rent and shit, just spent my shit, now smile bent again
I'm not mental I’m just tryna mend my mental fences
No longer mental bout the benzos, guess the day depends tho

Still chase my end, but now I’m back to working on my ends tho
Life like a bike, different perspective when ya endo
Feel the crescendo, when ya stop to breath in your potential
I Am The Storm, When I Arrive, Everything is Torrential

Finding my place, carving stone, more than a song name
This life we leading sometimes leading to a long game
Sometimes opportunity meet the wrong names
Don’t bitch, find ya niche, stay out the wrong frame
Still Carving Still Carving Still Starving
Still ill but still borrowing and bartering
Times changed, but I still gotta get my hustle on
Gyms closed, but I still gotta build this muscle dog